About MoonSlayer


After running away from home, Syrma has spent her entire life hiding in the forest, under a hard workout. So when she discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life in a short time, she intends to change her fate. She has two options: surrender and die, or rebel and take over. For her there is only one possible solution: defeat the goddess who sentenced her along with all her family. And time is running out.

But she won’t be alone. Along with the dragon Menkar, her bodyguard, an also cursed sidhe witch and a banished treacherous god, she will seek the way to survive and change her fate.

MoonSlayer is rated +16.

The story contains mature themes not suitable for all ages, mild nudity and violence.

Monica NGalvan

The author of this comic, is a writer and illustrator, but also dares to bring life to her characters through panels.

She loves tea and biscuits (especially those prepared by Ignus) and very spicy food. Her assistant is a lovebird called Puki.

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When is the comic updated?

Every Monday (Moon’s day). I try to upload a page weekly.

How long have you been working in MoonSlayer?

I started the first idea and storyboard while I was waiting the bus, in late 2010.

I’ve seen that the place where the plot is settled is more extense…

Yes, the Sidhe continent and its islands are part of Tirnanog, which is the world where I’ve developed the rest of my fantasy novels and stories. More info here.

How long it takes to make a page?

Depending on the page from hours to days (Storyboard planning not included). Working on the backgrounds is what takes me longer.

How you make the lineart and tones?

Each page is completely sketched and inked by hand using traditional techniques. The frames of the panels, the tones and the effects are made using Photoshop and a graphic tablet.

For the colour pages I use mainly Photoshop and ClipStudio.

Do you have other comics?

Yes! “The Oracle of the Moon” is a comic also based on the same world (I want to reboot it when I finish MoonSlayer), and “Eyes of Jewels”, my webcomic with vampires, finished.

MoonSlayer will be published on paper?

Yes. I plan to publish 3 volumes 🙂

Your English sucks.

Yep, I know that. It’s not my mother language. My Spanish is nearly perfect, tho. Give it a try 🙂 Anyway, all the errors will be fixed in the books by my proof readers! Side note: Lalaii speaks Engrish.

Ignus Tea Party