And here we come to the end of the story. What did you think?

What do you expect in the next chapter?
Are you ready to go back to black and white?

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This is my favorite page, the transformation of Alherani into what she is now.

I wanted it to look cruel but not too graphic because of the rating the anthology had. That’s why the blood looks like a long red ribbon.

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I tried to give to all the pages of this story some sort of tarot feeling, something static like the the court were the action takes place.

I do really like how scary Farian looks on this one!

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If you have read carefully the story you will find a deliberate incoherence here.
So Puck killed a lot of fae in the past? Why?

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One of the things I wanted to explore with Farian were my own depression and anxiety problems.

Mental health is important, guys!

It was hard to see a powerful character fell deeper and deeper a cause of having the power of invulnerability.

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This page has my two favourite panels of the whole story, I guess?

Farian is one of my favourite characters from Iris’ story, and Henna one of my favs from MoonSlayer.

What would be possibly go wrong?

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And here is the first page! Did I say that this story is in fullcolor??!

Yes! 😀 I started it all digital and later switched to traditional lineart because I was SLOW with digital inking!!

There are some changes with the story I published years ago in the anthology. I changed the comic font and fixed some issues in the translations too! 😀

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#7.1: The Spider and the Thorn

After thinking about it a lot, I think we should better start with this special chapter instead.

So this way you’re prepared for all the drama of Chapter 8.

The Spider and the Thorn was published in the first SpiderForest anthology. And until now it was only available for my Patrons and in Gumroad. (You still can leave a tip there!)


I also created 3 new playlists!! Enjoy and see you next Monday with the first page!

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