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New comic Mirror and news

After Inkblazers closing, I created a new mirror for MS on Smackjeeves.


About the comic, yes, I’m working on the new pages, also the book cover and the CH1 changes.

I think I’ll take a breath until summer. BUT, meanwhile I’ll add new extra content, like exclusive spin-off comics, like Her Last Will 😀


I have quite a lot of work to do and, when I return, I want this comic to be great. The second volume has a lot of action, romance and fun =3

You can follow me on Patreon, where I’m posting WIPs of the new content.  Also the Tumblr tag of the comic.




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Winter Break – 4th anniversary

The chapter 4 is finished, and now I really need a moment of relax, for start new projects and finish lots of things.

With this chapter, the 1st volume of MoonSlayer is finished. 4 years of work. I have to correct now the first chapter while sketching the new Ch5. Do you like the new cover art? 🙂


I’ll be posting the new wips and CH1+Prologue changes in my Patreon page. You can see a feed with new stuff from just 1$. There are also a lot of nice rewards 🙂

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Also I have new fanart posted. (Click there for full size and credits) An awesome ACEO…

Henna ACEO by Jennifer Zyren Smith

Henna ACEO by Jennifer Zyren Smith

A Ignus x Puck pic!

Ignus & Puck by Rei

Ignus & Puck by Rei


Syrma painted wooden box by Kaila Rips

Syrma painted wooden box by Kaila Rips

And Please, vote me: [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”extra-color-2″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”” text=”Vote for MoonSlayer on TopWebComics!” color_override=”#102d87″ image=”icon-comment”]

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New layout!

I updated the site with a new layout. I hope you like it! 😀

Soon I’ll open new sections, like a download page, goodies and world info 🙂 Interested?


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Small Press Expo

MoonSlayer will be, as a member of Spiderforest, in the SPX (Small Press Expo) in Bethesda, Maryland. I will not be there, but some of my prints will be sold at the table of the collective. They are exclusive and others never not sold before as print.

The prints are available for preorder hereThey are only available for pick-up at SPX but, if you want one, you can also visit my online store, filled with regular size prints signed by me.


More info about SPX soon.

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MoonSlayer is now part of SpiderForest!

Now you will see a header banner featuring more awesome comics from this community.

The banner code is giving me some errors. For this reason I’m planning to change the site layout. Sorry if the website looks weird these days  🙂

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New chapter 2 up!!

It’s been a long months of work, between the regular updates of the comic and other things, and I finally just published the new Chapter 2, repainted, corrected, with gray tones and textures, all new and shiny.

Now I have to go back to chapter 1, and it will be very difficult: there are many pages that I have to change, amend and modify, and that’s not counting what I would do with the prologue, which has me crazy from the start, since my old editor wanted to change it.

The next pages will come soon, as well as when the heat let me work at the computer… or my friends… or the beach… or anything else.

Greetings and happy holidays 3

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So… I joined Patreon. I really need your help for continue and finish the comic. And publish it someday 🙂


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