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New Guestart

[lang_en]New guest art by Isis and Vintereik. Thanks![/lang_en][lang_es]Nuevos guestart por Isis y Vintereik. ¡Gracias![/lang_es][lang_fr]Nouveau guestart par Isis et Vintereik[/lang_fr] [singlepic id=52 w=300 h=300][singlepic id=53 w=300 h=300]

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About the updates…

Hi! I’m currently working hard to get the MoonSlayer pages posted on Monday. But my life is now so busy so forgive me if the pages are updated more irregulary than before. If you like to see my process you can read my Tumblr, with screen captures and photos of the latest... View Article

Leave your thoughts · October 12, 2012 2:50 pm

Iris – The Queen of Cups

[singlepic id=38 w=450 h= float=center] Illustration done for the Webcomics Tarot project. I chose my character Iris, who will have a relevant role in MoonSlayer, with a cup with her immortality recipe. Lots of blue for water (and fitting the card template) 🙂

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Comic updated! Available in Mangamagazine, Amilova and Smackjeeves! Translations into several languages ​​in New images and sections in the portfolio. New banners to link to the web.

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New sections

Section of characters, information about the project, and the internal image processing in color. 🙂

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