I got a new tablet from Huion that I won during inktober and tried it with this page. The screen is considerably smaller, but I think it’s ok? So, time to retire my previous screen? hmm


I hope you like this one! Menkar is kinda… f*ed :/

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Well… I’m back!

Did you think we were gone forever? Well…

In these months many things have happened…

I’ve been studying for the primary teacher exams, but they played me again in the second part with a killer question: “Are you working as a teacher?” and that’s where it all ended because with this last suspended part of 4 with a very good grade they will never call me :_D

But I still have a job, so… everything ok?

On the other hand, my family of birbs has actually increased… I’ve been very active on my secondary account posting a lot of pictures of them! (and no drawings in my main!).

Meet my boys Haku, Frey and Jaskier!

I have also been collaborating with an association of exotic birds, El Nido. I’m making them the website!

I have to say, this detox from networking and constant imagery has helped me, as I’ve gotten back to writing harder, finished sketches for the rest of MoonSlayer Volume 2, and come up with a lot of new ideas!

From now on, you will have a new page every Monday. Remember that you can follow me on my networks (in the menu on the right) and that now that it’s less hot I’ll be back with my livestreams on Twitch!

Thanks for reading! <3

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VDSD 2022

Hello everyone! As previous years, here we come with a new issue of VDSD! This means that we have a new sexy picture to add to our collection!

This year I didn’t had time to do a whole new picture as detailed as previous years, so I give you an oldie but goodie I didn’t release before!

Click on the pic to get the full picture! (You have to vote the comic, and by the way you’re helping us to be discovered by others!)

Here comes Nymph-Syrma! What if Syrma decided to become a nymph instead of pursuing her destiny?

These are the last years’ entries!

Here is the list of participants this year:

Be careful, some of them have explicit WSFW content!

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2022

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A small update

Happy New year dear readers!

I have some news to share regarding the comic.

I’m currently working on Chapter 9, having 21 pages pencilled (the whole chapter is written) and 8 new pages inked, scanned and in formatting/lettering/grays stage.

I wanted to tell you that I’m ok, thanks so much for your messages!

I found a new job, I’m happy with my little birbos and all is fine. I’m still dealing with some stuff regarding my prev job, but I’m ok the most of the time.

Not so good news: I want to start studing again to try to be a public teacher, so the updates may be minimal this year.

I’m still organizing my weeks to have a bit of time to work on comics/socialize. And that’s all :_D

Not sure yet if it’s okey if I update the comic little by little instead of weekly or start once I’ve a good buffer.

Also, more good stuff:

New guest art!

A lovely Xmas gift by NAAN of “Legendary Beings Ara & Celi” <3

NAAN already did a secret santa drawing of Syrma and Deneb you can see in the guestart gallery!

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10 years of MoonSlayer celebration! (Par …

Today we have something else to celebrate!

First of all, it’s Syrma’s birthday, considering it’s her world’s autumnal equinox!

🎂 Happy birthday, Syrma! 🎂

I had planned to start the chapter this week, but it didn’t happen. Still, the storyboards are going at pace and after a first review…. I’m very happy with the result! Now all that’s left is printing and inking. I’ll probably start streaming the whole chapter on Twitch. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like to come here for fear of spoilers, but I usually ink the less “dangerous” pages for the readers there 😀

Now it’s really happening! At the 5-year celebration we didn’t see Puck, but then he hadn’t yet made an appearance in the comic (well yes, but not as a member of the main group) and in the short time he’s been around he’s become a favorite of the readers.

A round of applause for our favorite god of mischief! Stripped of his divinity by Deneb – and cast out from among the gods for aiding Syrma – Puck seeks a way back while collaborating in his Master’s plans. The question is… Who is he really working for, and will we ever find it out?

To discover it, don’t miss the next chapter, where everything will be revealed!

1 Comment · September 22, 2021 6:00 pm

10 years of MoonSlayer celebration! (Par …

Next one is Alherani (Henna) probably my favourite character to draw!

She was the character that most changed from the first sketch, and even her species was a mystery in the first manuscript, but later became the most iconic.

Henna is on a quest to recover her wings, something that supposedly will end with the illness that she’s suffering… and on the next chapter she’ll confront her former lover and queen.

How will it end? Things are not looking good for Alherani. Her illness is spreading faster and faster…

Leave your thoughts · September 15, 2021 10:00 pm

10 years of MoonSlayer celebration! (Par …

The pencils for the next chapter are 2/3 ready and the next part (inking) will be the most exciting! I’m not following the original plan (starting the ball the same day of Syrma’s birthday, heh) but the pages are turning great!

So, let’s start with the second part of this particular celebration!

Now it’s Menkar’s turn! Kaeso Cetus Menkar is our beloved dragon guardian, who went from a defeated, banished general, to a stoic and deadly bodyguard, and then to mentor, a friend, a lover… and won his freedom before fulfilling his promise… to make a new one from his own will to the person who meant the most to him.

He’s also the character who got less covers, and pictures in general, why were you se neglected all these years, Menkar?

Leave your thoughts · September 6, 2021 11:00 pm