VDSD 2020

Illustration made for VDSD of 2020, featuring Menkar and Syrma. Inspired by a scene of Netflix’s The Witcher series. I’m a fan of the books!

Promise – Ch7 Cover

Cover for chapter 7: Promise. Featuring Syrma and Menkar. He’s swearing loyalty to the person he loves the most.

Sexy Tea Party – VDSD 2018

Featuring Ignus, Puck, Fantia and Iris for VDSD 2019 in a sexy pinup illustration. I had a lot of fun with this one 🙂

Forgive me

Farian and Alherani

Syrma, Menkar, Alherani & Puck – Chibis

Syrma, Menkar, Alherani & Puck – Charm Chibis

Deneb & Nirûr – Chibi

Deneb & Nirûr – Chibi

Sexy Ignus

Ignus, the Storyteller. A humble sketch from my moleskine. The original one shines with gold and silver pigments.

Syrma + Menkar – VDSD 2018

Syrma + Menkar for VDSD 2018

It’s snowing!

S- Kaeso!!! It’s snowing! M- This is a tropical island, climate change is a serious thing and… What IS that? Is it that alfar druidic herb under WE ARE supposed to…? S- Oh, shut up and kiss me! ~~ After watching the snow falling on the website.

Syrma & Surma.

Syrma & Surma. The title of this comic if translated into Finnish, could definitely be: Kuunsurmaaja.

Young Alherani

The original look of Alherani/Henna, before she was punished by the queen.

Alherani Portrait – Sketch

Alherani / Henna portrait. Indian ink + white pencil + alcohol markers + sakura white gel pen

Syrma Portrait – Sketch

A Syrma portrait. Watercolour graphite + white watercolour + sakura white gel pen

Once upon a time… Epic fight!

Guest illustration I made for My Hero! comic, with the epic fight of Menkar vs The Lark. Hassera and Syrma are enjoying the read! Hidden detail!  

Alfar Frieze

Dockalfar, Liosalfar and Svarafar for the lore section. Ink + Clipstudio

Dragons Frieze

White, grey and black dragons for the lore section. Ink + Clipstudio

Nymphs Frieze

Elemental Nymphs for the lore section. Ink + Clipstudio

Sidhe Frieze

The three sidhe families for the lore section. Ink + Clipstudio

Have a Spooky Halloween

Illustration made for Halloween 2016

Syrma at Kur

Watercolor of Syrma. 2016.

Trickster – Ch6 Cover

Featuring Puck and Ignus. Who is the real trickster?

Nymph Syrma Alternate design.

Nymph Syrma Alternate design for the Vote incentive. Full done in ClipStudio.

Alherani & Puck – Chibi

Companion pic for ‘Syrma x Menkar’ Valentine’s.

Syrma x Menkar – Chibi

Syrma x Menkar for Valentine’s Day.

Sexy Lalaii

Made for Valentine’s Sex Drive. Full done in ClipStudio, textures PSCS6.

SD Hatal

Arundar of Healing. Queen of the Sidhe. Clairvoyant. Lineart 2012 –  Color 2015

Nymph Syrma

Nymph Syrma adult version for vol1 cover.


Menkar illustration for the vol1 cover.

Nymph Syrma

Young Syrma with her training “nymph outfit”. Done for the vol1 cover, discarded illustration.

Deneb – The Moon Tarot

For Spider Forest tarot deck

Festive Alherani

Quick sketch of Henna with a very festive mood.

Alherani in the forest with Puck

Alherani in the forest with Puck. Double page moleskine drawing. A mess made with chinese ink, watercolors and finally rescued with children markers because my Copics failed. Some details with with gel pen.

Angisû – Moonslayer Cover

Promotional cover for the 5th chapter, featuring Syrma and the Moon Goddess Deneb. Ink drawing from 2012, retouched, fixed and redrawn. Coloured in 2014.

Farian, Queen of the Sidhe.

Farian is the Queen of the Fae Realm.

SD Trite

Divine Tea Party

Deneb invited Alarina (from Spindrift to tea and cookies)

Witch – Ch4 Cover

This is the cover for the chapter 4 of my webcomic Moonslayer Alherani, the sidhe witch of henna and Puck in his fox form. She lost her wings and is turning into a monster :3
Ignus Tea Party

Ignus Tea Party

Syrma Photo

I promise…

SD Iris

SD Felisanna

SD Saiph

Cursed – Ch3 Cover

Cover for the 3rd chapter of MoonSlayer, featuring Syrma.

SD Aeria

Lalaii forest

Her Blue Wings

SD Ameb y Xana

SD Kurus

SD Mold

SD Farian

SD Lalaii

SD Young Syrma

SD Young Syrma

SD Nirûr

SD Deneb

SD Syrma

SD Puck

SD Menkar

SD Alherani

Nymph – Ch2 Cover

Nymph – Moonslayer Inner Cover

Exile Cover

Chapter 1 Cover.



Kaeso Cetus Menkar, aka Escauro, design.


Copic Chibi