SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Accepting Applications in February

January 28, 2016 2:36 am

SpiderForest Alherani

Wanna be part of my awesome comic family? SpiderForest is accepting new applications in February.

I have no words for describe how wonderful, helpful and supportive this collective is. I’ve learnt a lot since I joined them, they are helping me fixing the translations, organizing conventions… Awesome, I said.

SpiderForest is an established webcomic collective run for and by independent comic creators for the purpose of community building, audience sharing, convention appearances, and personal and professional growth in comics. Applications for membership are accepted 1-2 times a year and are rigorously reviewed by all available members. For this round of admissions, applications will be accepted from February 1st-24th, 2016, and results will be privately revealed to applicants on March 7th.

Since 2004, SpiderForest has offered a particular niche for webcomic creators who seek to remain independent, but also desire to be part of a tight-knit community of knowledgeable, experienced artists, writers and self-publishers. We are not a business, but instead are run entirely on a volunteer basis with a focus on helping each other grow professionally as we all best see fit. Our public and private forums offer constructive criticism, organized convention appearances, advice for crowdfunding, art exchanges or collaborations, and more. We are seeking dedicated creators who care more about their work than making a quick buck – but are definitely a good home for the professional-level comic creator. We want to help you become the comic professional you want to be, and we greatly value those who want to bring their experiences to us.

In addition to being a free host for all members, SpiderForest also accepts members who are unaffiliated with other collectives and are independently self-hosted. You need not be independently self-hosted prior to application,but you must be willing to either create and maintain a site here at SpiderForest, or seek out hosting of your own after acceptance. Members are free to maintain as many mirror sites as they wish on free comic hosts such as Comic Fury, Tapastic, and SmackJeeves, but are required to have the SpiderForest-affiliated site at least one update ahead. The only other requirements are to regularly update your comic(s), to display the SpiderForest banner, and to assist in reviewing applications for new members.

Questions regarding membership at SpiderForest are best directed to our forums (spiderforest.com/forum), to our email, or to individual members regarding their experiences with us.

Aaaand! New page next Monday! 😀

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