It’s that time of year again

September 19, 2016 12:00 pm

Yes. I have to start studying again for the public examinations to apply for a teaching job. That’s my life since I finished my studies.

But this is not a hiatus.

I had put this comic on hiatus before, a whole year, and that was bad for me and for the comic. I had to completely start over and regain my readership.

So this time I’d do a completely different thing. I’ll update the comic once per two weeks (two times per month) or I’ll will try it.

I started a different method to work on the comic. Instead of doing each page separately (draft, sketching, inking, post-process, toning, lettering) one by one, I’ll do that by scene. So I’ll work a bunch of 4-5 pages at the same time.

I did that with the end of chapter 5 and the process was a lot quicker! I have less hours to work on the comic, and I have to finish other projects too, but I don’t plan to abandon MoonSlayer a whole year again!

So please, add the comic to your favourite RSS reader or follow me on your social media of choice. New pages are always announced there!

As always, my Patrons will receive all the pages in advance! 🙂

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