From now until the end of Agust 聽the updates will be more irregular (I’ll try to update on Mondays but sometimes it would take a day longer), the summer is very hot here so I’ll be drawing the comic during the night 馃檪

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The God of Mischief, a fire spirit. Loves to take fox form. This is his Sidhe appearance. Hello, Puck.

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Henna and Menkar.聽Looks that kill…

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Is Henna an ally or a foe?

*Sorry for the delay, I had a terrible headache :/*

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Sorry for the delay :/

I had the holidays + my sis聽came聽from London + my family + my friends… X3 And… yep, a bit of gaming.

Hope you like this new page! 馃榾

Syrma calling Menkar a “liar”… Do you remember the 1st chapter? 馃檪

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Menkar talks about a legendary daggers, and Syrma is a bit desperated. 馃槢

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