This one is from last week, but it was a pain to finish! XD

In compensation, this week we’ll have double update! weee 馃榾

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New page today! 馃榾

The party begins!

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Today, Syrma will have to re-learn how to be a princess. But will she survive to her new room, her new fluffy bed or her bunch of pretty dresses?

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No, really. Now tell me the truth, girl.

New Guestart!

New guest art picture in the gallery! Aradia Collective‘s Secret Santa gift of聽NAAN聽featuring Syrma and Deneb like the true magical princess she is.

Visit her聽webcomic聽and聽portfolio!

Syrma + Deneb by NAAN

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Happy winter solstice! We wish you a happy holidays with your loved ones in these uncertain times!

Please, be careful and care for the most vulnerable. Wear your mask and avoid big crowds.

About this page…

Syrma did quite a revelation, isn’t it? And Farian is living it. Maybe it’s the most funny thing she has heard in centuries.

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And here comes Syrma! Will she convince the queen with her feisty and teasing personality?

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So you wanted to know more about Alherani? Interesting, my queen.

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