[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Aaand we’re back with them! Sorry for the long absence, it was my birthday and I had lots of things to do! 🙂

Spiderforest Comics of the week

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Soul’s Journey

Trapped in a wolf’s body an imprudent prince must escape his current condition before a war he carelessly set in motion razes his country.

LaSalle’s Legacy

Two brothers versus one zombie pirate holding a very big grudge against their father.

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An accidental war gives rise to a new form of life, one which could save the world, or destroy what remains of humanity!

Demon Archives

100 years after WW3, Minerva is a lone beacon of civilization in the chaos of central Asia. Their technological superiority has guaranteed peace for their citizens and power in the area. But when that superiority is suddenly challenged, everything starts to fall apart.


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New chapter begins! 😀


Spiderforest Comics of the Week!


A fun world-hopping adventure about a girl who talks to machines, a magical scavenger, and an over-zealous paladin.

Mailbox Rocketship

Aliens, magic, super powers and Death himself. Keith’s life just got complicated.

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End of Chapter 5! Yay!

Also. MoonSlayer is 5 years old! =) Facebook reminded it to me weeks ago! =D

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I’m so sorry for the delay. I had a terrible week and health issues. I’m still recovering. Have a great day!

New SF members!


The Demon Archives: Minerva

The Ferrin

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Hope you like it! =)

New SF members spotlight #2

Second round of our newest members!

Xylobone Tomes

Random Battles

Witchery Etc.

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