Ok, this one is late. But I hope you forgive me! You can see the page without balloons at Patreon.

I’ll start a Inktober challenge next month! You can follow it on my Instagram account!

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This wasn’t in the storyboard. But I had the need to do it. It’s just a message to myself.

Thanks for your comments and messages!


Also: A new vote incentive, thanks to the idea of a wonderful reader: Expaladin. [vc_btn title=”September TWC vote incentive: Syrma & Surma” style=”outline” shape=”round” color=”mulled-wine” size=”sm” align=”center” i_type=”linecons” i_icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-like” link=”|title:TopWebComics|target:%20_blank” add_icon=”true”]


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We’re here again! Not as I expected, but well… the show must go on!

I wanted to start the new -ok, call it season- with good news or something like that. But the truth is that I haven’t good news from my personal life. I inked this page with my eyes covered in tears, so it’s not as good as I wanted. But… oh, well.

Anyway, the new short stories .pdf and the sketchbook are available to download.

I want to do a preorder of a limited printed edition of the sketchbook, but I don’t know if there are enough people interested. So, maybe I’ll leave it for a near future, as an addon for the vol1 preorder? Not sure.


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New page! 😀

Tomorrow we’ll have the new pic for VDSD. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Fanart time!

I’ve received this awesome sketch of Syrma from Funariauthor of Raison d’Etre!


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I did another page against everything because I love you, readers. Enjoy!

feb2017_appseason_ignusAlso, My Hero is now part of Spiderforest! Take a look!

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And then is when I discovered that I want to write a short novel about Menkar’s past! 😀

Happy new year!

I’ve updated the gallery with some exclusive art of the past year.

Look at our awesome new vote incentive!


[vc_btn title=”Our new shop is OPEN!” color=”green” size=”lg” link=”||target:%20_blank”]

Use this code: MSHELLO2017 for a 20% discount! 😀



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