December 19, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now I know nobody cares about my life or my personal problems.

Here you have another page. Enjoy.

Spiderforest Comics of the week

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The Crimson Claw is a family man, fiercely devoted to the people he loves, and…largely indifferent to the rest. He’s a well-known supervillain who played the game the smart way, and built both a home and one heck of an arsenal. In the capes world, life can be chaotic, and it’s not easy to raise a family. The Crimson Claw, however, is hardly the type to back down from a challenge.


Join a team of time-travelling misfits on their adventures, as they quest to restore reality!

(And it has an awesome narrator Ignus wanna invite to a tea&jam party)

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Lave Faraday plays keep away as every supernatural asshole in the city tries to take the kid she’s being told to protect.

The Only Half Saga

Garrett Kelly, Wanderer for the supernatural hunting organization, Victor Sierra, gets wind of Cabal’s possible location and goes hunting. What he finds is completely different from his original quest.


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December 26, 2016 10:22 am

Sorry to hear about your problems, and in the holiday season too! I hope that things are turning back around and looking a bit up now. Don’t think that nobody cares about your life and problems–I think that a lot of us have been busy and probably won’t even read what you posted until after Christmas and things settle down. This year the AAA predicted 103 million Americans will travel for this holiday–that is like 1/4 of the country. . . driving or flying somewhere. I personally am writing this on a vacation in Las Vegas where I am meeting my sister and her family. This month I had to finish up a semester, write reports and take finals, do some work, and then get ready for this trip. I did not see your post until Christmas day, so I’m sure other readers did not either.

I was personally wondering what happened with the exam that you were expecting to take that got delayed. I saw the “IX/2016 Update News” above but was not clear on what it meant. Were you saying that the exam you expected to take got delayed until next summer, so you have to continue to prepare? If so, good luck. And I hope you can resolve your computer difficulties as well.

Anyway, the new year is almost upon us. I hope the best for you! Hang tough and keep being a cool artist.