March 23, 2020

Quick update!

Hi everyone! Long time no see!

I’m ok, but all this situation here in Spain is a bit overwhelming.

Also I had problems with my hosting, A REAL ORDEAL, and the webpage was down for a few days last week.

I have the rest of the chapter pencilled and I’m now inking pages little by little.

As always on Patreon you have the pages without balloons (top notch material, lol) and now, as special deal during self-isolation days, I’ve updated my Ko-fi now offering free sketches x3 coffees!

Also the mini story, the Spider and the Thorn, is free (pay as you want 0+) on Gumroad so you can enjoy it during quarantine! Read Henna’s backstory and know the characters of the comic of the next chapter!


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