War of the Heavens - Puck


There are a lots of different species and races in Tirnanog, but the following are the most relevant (or named) in MoonSlayer:


The Arundar [arunda (m.)/arundi (f.)] are god-like beigns with magnificent powers that arrived to Tirnanog in a boat from the sky. They conquered the land from their previous owners (the utûku) and made it a better place to live in. There are two kinds of Arundar: the royal family and their servants.

The ancient files depicts 23 to 26 Arundar depending on different sources and traditions, with singular powers and masteries. All of them agree that their residence is the hidden island of Arunor.



Descendants of the servants of the Arundar and the utûku, they chose to live in the mortal realm. There are lots of different kinds of nymphs, as they populate all the elements of nature. They are immortal, naïve and often bounded to a place (like a forest). It’s believed that there are only female nymphs, but they can also be male or hermaphrodite.

They have big cat eyes, a skin that can vary from a dull grey to colorful greens and blue hues, and long pointed ears.



The fae were the first created to populate the world. They are immortal tall humanoids whose spirits are manifested with a big insect wings. It’s said that they are the wisest and more magical creatures of this world, and only iron can hurt them. Unfortunately most of the sidhe returned to Arunor and there are only two small realms in Sidhe and Aquila.

The arundi Hatal fell in love with a young sidhe and descended to live among his people, creating the bloodline of the Three Great Sidhe Families.



Created to protect the world, dragons are divided in three races: White (Sun), Grey (Moon) and Black (Dark Moon). In their reptilian form, they are formidable 20-metres-long winged creatures. But after the War, the passing of ages and a lack of space they took the shape of the beings they hated.

The Grey Dragons are the most fierce race. They refused to worship their goddess, serving now to the Sun God Mold (Helios). Their society is highly militarized, they are aggresive and war-hungry.

  • Their kingdom is called Helios.
  • Honor is the most important thing for a grey dragon.
  • They consider other beigns “inferior”.
  • They can take an humanoid “lesser” form.
  • Their main powers are: the wink (teleportation) and regeneration (or fast healing). They can also breathe fire.
  • Their lifespan is about 3000 years.
  • It’s said that they can only be slayed by decapitation or by piercing their heart.
  • Noble warriors have starmetal swords forged with enchantments. Their wounds can not be regenerated.



One of the last species to be created, it’s said that they are descendants of the sidhe. Their lifespan is shorter though, about 300 years. They are divided in three races: the liosalfar (Sun), the dockalfar (Moon) and the svaralfar (Dark Moon).

The liosalfar live in the Great Northern Forest, separated from the dockalfar by a wide river that divides their land. Unlike their cousins, the liosalfar live in cities made of stone; they constructed a huge fortress (The Fort) to defend theirselves from the grey dragons’ attacks.

  • The liosalfar are not in good relationship with their cousins.
  • Grey Dragons are their mortal enemies. That changed in the Third Great War (or War of the Gems), with the paceful reign of the dragon queen Bellatrix. 
  • They are competent wizards, the dockalfar’s Order of the Thorn or the Order of the Oak are the most famous of their schools.