The Great Wars

The continent of Sidhe has been affected by numerous wars throughout its history, the most recent ones being fought by the grey dragons, in their struggle to dominate the whole continent, and the alfars, determined to defend it. Throughout the comic you will hear about the following:

The Purge

More a massacre than a war, a fight lost in time when the gods came to the world and massacred and enslaved its original inhabitants, the utukû o vacuous.

The Arundar massacred the ancient inhabitants of the world.

The War of the Heavens

A war between mortals and gods, where the creation was almost destroyed. The Arundar pantheon was quite diminished and Mold ended up being the king of them all. Nirûr ended up imprisoned for his crimes. The island of Arunor was removed from the world and the Gem of Deneb was fragmented. Communication with the Arundar was cut off almost everywhere.

Almost all that is known about it mixes part of the truth with a strong oral tradition that has distorted the facts to the point that scholars, if they did not know about the existence of the Arundar, would consider it fiction. It was in this war that Puck wiped out thousands of Sidhe under the orders of his lord, who in the ancient texts was Nirûr.

War of the Heavens - Puck

The Great War

The first of the conflicts between dragons and alfar, and its origin is as old as time.

At the end of this war, the grey dragons lost the ability to take their true form and had to swear to remain in their inferior form under penalty of death (their sacramentum would take care of this). Over time, returning to the true form would become increasingly difficult; even remaining in it was painful.

The Great War

The Second Great War

It happened much later, at the initiative of the Grey Dragons. This conflict was centered in the areas around Helios, as the dragons were running out of space, after a first failed attack that led to a massacre. After the first defeat, the war continued north to Servalia, conquering it, then to Riga, and moved on to the forest of the alfar, lasting for centuries in a grueling guerrilla warfare.

The last leader of the dockalfar, Eikasia, united all the alfar under her banner and faced the dragons, recovering a great part of the Forest. The dragons, under the rule of Venux Bellatrix Orionis, eventually defeated them and left the alfar population at a minimum.

Even with areas under the dragons’ control and paying tribute, no agreement has been reached on who really won this war.

The Second Great War

The War of the Gems

The last of the great wars, although shorter in duration, meant the return of the Arundar to the ways of this land. The High Priestess of Vesfalian, leading a holy war, set out to conquer the whole continent. A group of heroes, led by the mortal daughter of the lunar arundi, collected the fragments of the Gem of Deneb and gathered them together, and then destroyed the twin gem of Nirûr, securing the door of his prison.

During the conflict the Grey Dragons were allowed to return to their higher form at will to aid in the war, but they had already waned and were more stable in their lower form.

The War of Gems

The War of the Suns

It all began with Saiph, the son of Queen Bellatrix, who, encouraged by his advisors, set out to finish conquering and subduing the alfar. Abruptly the Marshals rebelled against the king, making two failed attempts on his life. The third time they managed to dethrone him, but as a consequence those involved were banished… the situation now in Helios is quite unstable, with a provisional council dealing as it can with the big families.

The War of Suns

The Hunt

Today, after the disappearance of the liosalfar princess cursed by Deneb, the alfar kingdoms are at war, trying to find her under the pressure of famine. The kingdoms are gradually falling into ruin, fruit of the frenzied fervour of the alfar, cursed to devour themselves if they do not return her to the goddess.