And this chapter ends.

Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy New Year 2015! See you next year!

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Surprise! 😀

MoonSlayer epilogue in color! 😀

I solved a script problem with the archive. Sometimes when you click to the next the page it changes the site language. If this happens again try to change the language again with the top flag. Sorry for the inconvenience :/

Also THE NEW STORE IS OPEN! Take a look!

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This is the ‘end’ of chapter 4. But It will have 4 more pages as the Epilogue of first Volume 🙂

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“An arrow to the heart, a single stroke to his head… and your beloved guardian will fall like a leaf.”

We love you, Henna.

>>We moved to a new server. Is the website working fine now? 

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Henna left the group… again.


The comic of this week is Sunset Grill by Katastrophe. A Sci-fi comic made with 3D models, which has very interesting characters & story, and extensive background info about the futuristic world built for the comic. The suggested start point is this.

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Sorry for the delay.

I had a very painful tendotinis strike in both hands. Now I’m better :3

Enjoy the page!

The comic of this week is Lapse by Ayemae. Lapse is a supernatural drama/horror comic, with a hauted house, an accident and lots of ghosts.

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