New page today! 😀

The party begins!

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#8 Invincible

We start a new chapter!

This chapter is a small calm before the storm. Will our heros be absorbed by the fairy realm and stay there forever?

Or it’s really another kind of trap?

Beware, readers!

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And here we come to the end of the story. What did you think?

What do you expect in the next chapter?
Are you ready to go back to black and white?

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This is my favorite page, the transformation of Alherani into what she is now.

I wanted it to look cruel but not too graphic because of the rating the anthology had. That’s why the blood looks like a long red ribbon.

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I tried to give to all the pages of this story some sort of tarot feeling, something static like the the court were the action takes place.

I do really like how scary Farian looks on this one!

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