Wait a moment… What’s wrong with Farian?

Why doesn’t she want to receive them?

Why does she send them to the dungeons?

Will there be more buns in the dungeons?

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Puck is enjoying his new life as a mortal by eating buns.

What are they filled with?

Do you know any recipes for sweet buns?

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Waiting is very boring.

It reminds me of when I go to the doctor and they have me sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair while they consider whether or not I deserve to be seen.

At least here they have snacks, right?

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And we see more of the city! It’s so hard of keeping it as simple as possible! But I’m trying! 😀

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And we return to Black and White (well, greyscale) and enter the Sidhe realm! This one is certainly inpired by ancient monoliths and celtic culture, when the fairies had to hide under the earth. When I wrote about this place for the first time, like 20 years ago, I was in love with the Silmarillion and the idea of fairies living in palaces underground.

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And that’s the end of the chapter!

We arrived to Eryrod. What mysteries will they find there?

Is Farian THAT bad? Really?

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Double page!!

We arrived to Eryrod, the realm of Farian and the sidhe.

Are our heroes prepared to confront the queen?

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Not much to say about this page. I think that at this point everyone knows that Puck has a hidden agenda. But the thing is… who’s his real master?

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