So they have been all day talking and no eating those amazing buns from the beginning?

Also, whay these bubbles covered all my ink work of the library? (You can see the whole panel on Patreon! btw)

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When Farian wants something, she gets it.

And it does not matter that her dear guest is going to die in a few days, she will have her party and will make her attend.

After all, if she doesn’t, she’ll die anyway, won’t she?

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MoonSlayer, that comic that discuss deep themes like transdence, death, depression and everything in the middle.

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Something tells me that Farian is still in love with Alherani?

Maybe she’s not made of stone after all?

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Farian, the invincible, grandaughter of Idriel (and sister-in-law of Iris!), dragonslayer, lady of thorns, queen of Eryrod.

Sorry I don’t know that to comment on this page. But it looks cool! Know that? I streamed the whole process (except lettering/balloons) on twitch! Follow me there for more direct videos! If we’re more I’ll put the microphone on and have some talk with tea and cookies (always)! Haha!

Here is the short version YT speedpainting edition!

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Farian brings up the subject of Henna and Syrma has to get out of the way…

But there’s a little problem they hadn’t expected.

VDSD 2021!

Hey! Have you see our valentine entry for this year’s VDSD?

Check our blog section! woo!

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