Aaand the new chapter is starting!

Sorry for the long wait, I wanted this chapter to be my best since Vol2 is closing!

I hope you like it!

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And with this page, the Chapter 8 ends! Farian was a bit creepy with the proposal, maybe she doesn’t wwant Syrma to leave?

It’s been like a whole year to complete! :O

Now it’s time to start Chapter 9! The last chapter of the second volume, the apotheosis! :O

I hope you like the wrap up of this book!

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The library scene is a tribute to the beauty and the beast XD

The best way to woo someone is to show them all your books, of course.

… And Syrma hasn’t read for a few years.

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The calm before the storm, indeed.

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Puck has managed to escape with Syrma’s help – will we ever find out how he did it?
But something is nagging Menkar: is Syrma falling prey to the charms of Farian and the fairy kingdom?

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We’re back at last!

I’ve finally made some decisions regarding this chapter, and I’ll end it sooner than expected, so the next one will cover the action of the last day of Syrma! 😀 woo

So here you have the execution scene! 😀

Hope you like it!

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Ok, so what’s supposed to be happening now? Oh no :/

Hi my dear readers! Since this scene is over and there are only like 10 pages left of this chapter, I’ll start now planning and making the following ones!

Be sure to follow me on Twitch (where I’ll be streaming the making of some pages with a cup of tea or more and we can chat too!), on Instagram and Twitter!

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So they have been all day talking and no eating those amazing buns from the beginning?

Also, whay these bubbles covered all my ink work of the library? (You can see the whole panel on Patreon! btw)

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When Farian wants something, she gets it.

And it does not matter that her dear guest is going to die in a few days, she will have her party and will make her attend.

After all, if she doesn’t, she’ll die anyway, won’t she?

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MoonSlayer, that comic that discuss deep themes like transdence, death, depression and everything in the middle.

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