Hope you like it! =)

New SF members spotlight #2

Second round of our newest members!

Xylobone Tomes

Random Battles

Witchery Etc.

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Aaaand! As I promised, the page in color! 🙂

Iric, the Golden City. So much contrast added there.

Sooorry for the delay, my wrist pain strikes back. 🙁

We have a new layout! Take a look at the splash page, it changes with the clock time of your device. Also the characters are randomly displayed. Enjoy!

Oh! And I received an awesome fanart by Mer Hidalgo! 🙂

Menkar by Mer Hidalgo




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Yay! We are online again!

Hope you like the new page. Who is this misterious woman? She looks like Ignus :3

—> If you liked the page, consider to make a contribution! =)

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#5 Angisû

The new chapter is here!

I’ll take a small break to develop this chapter and prepare the page buffer. Wanna see the progress of Vol 1 and Ch5? Subscribe my Patreon!

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