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This week, the vote incentive is my pic for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, with a sexy pic of Lalaii. (click there for a complete list of participants and a preview!)

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(Note: free nipples, NSFW)

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I’m back! :_)

1st: I’m better. My eye problem is permanent, but I can continue drawing.

2nd: We had +3 earthquakes plus several replicas last week. =((

3rd: I have got a Cintiq Companion 2! This is my first page using it for toning. It took longer than usual, but I have better lines now (I think). But I’m still practising.

4th: My new coloring book is out! Give it a look! 🙂

5th: SpiderForest application is live! If you like to take part in this awesome community, check this link.

SpiderForest Alherani

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Happy new year! :_)

Here is the new page!

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Last page of the year! 😀

See you next week! Happy new year 2016! 🙂

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I’m so sorry for the delay. I had a terrible week and health issues. I’m still recovering. Have a great day!

New SF members!


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The Ferrin

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