If you have read carefully the story you will find a deliberate incoherence here.
So Puck killed a lot of fae in the past? Why?

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And that’s the end of the chapter!

We arrived to Eryrod. What mysteries will they find there?

Is Farian THAT bad? Really?

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Double page!!

We arrived to Eryrod, the realm of Farian and the sidhe.

Are our heroes prepared to confront the queen?

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Not much to say about this page. I think that at this point everyone knows that Puck has a hidden agenda. But the thing is… who’s his real master?

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So… that’s what happens… But you already know it, right? 😀


By the way! New book!

I haven’t put out any personal colouring books for a few years now.

I’m preparing one for MoonSlayer for my bosses and downloading it on Gumroad!

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