I adore these two. They’re made for each other. Ehm… no.

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Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I had an emergency appendix surgery two weeks ago and until now I haven’t been capable of sit in front of a computer (and for a very limited amount of time).

Here we have the next page! Look how Syrma kisses the tears!

Anddd now the night again. I love/hate this time of the day, it’s a challege for printing!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter 🙂

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Oh, this cannot end like this!! 🙁

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The group’s spirits are on the floor. Is there hope? Or not? Why does Menkar say he failed Syrma?

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And… This is the end of chapter 6! I hope you liked it! It took so loooong to finish it.

I’ll will take a couple of weeks to prepare the next chapter.

You’ll see some extras for this chapter meanwhile 🙂

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