November 30, 2015

We are back! 

Sorry for the long month without updates, as you read on my social sites I was ill, later I had wonderful a trip to Italy for my birthday and caught a cold in Florence! Did I say that I love winter?

Oh, also I had a terrible bock with this page. I sketched several versions of it, with simple and spread pages, and then I deleted everything and started again.

Now I think I have the key… for the moment.


Note that I’ve implemented a new Support page! 

Now you can help us with Paypal/Gumroad/Patreon and obtain great perks!

New SF members

 True Magic – http://www.true-magic.com/

 Ball and Chain – http://ballandchain.spiderforest.com/

 Accursed Dragon – http://www.accurseddragon.com/

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