The Great Wars

The continent of Sidhe has been affected by numerous wars throughout its history, the most recent ones being fought by the grey dragons, in their struggle to dominate the whole continent, and the alfars, determined to defend it. Throughout the comic you will hear about the following:

The Purge

More a massacre than a war, a fight lost in time when the gods came to the world and massacred and enslaved its original inhabitants, the utukû o vacuous.

The Arundar massacred the ancient inhabitants of the world.

The War of the Heavens

A war between mortals and gods, where the creation was almost destroyed. The Arundar pantheon was quite diminished and Mold ended up being the king of them all. Nirûr ended up imprisoned for his crimes. The island of Arunor was removed from the world and the Gem of Deneb was fragmented. Communication with the Arundar was cut off almost everywhere.

Almost all that is known about it mixes part of the truth with a strong oral tradition that has distorted the facts to the point that scholars, if they did not know about the existence of the Arundar, would consider it fiction. It was in this war that Puck wiped out thousands of Sidhe under the orders of his lord, who in the ancient texts was Nirûr.

War of the Heavens - Puck

The Great War

The first of the conflicts between dragons and alfar, and its origin is as old as time.

At the end of this war, the grey dragons lost the ability to take their true form and had to swear to remain in their inferior form under penalty of death (their sacramentum would take care of this). Over time, returning to the true form would become increasingly difficult; even remaining in it was painful.

The Great War

The Second Great War

It happened much later, at the initiative of the Grey Dragons. This conflict was centered in the areas around Helios, as the dragons were running out of space, after a first failed attack that led to a massacre. After the first defeat, the war continued north to Servalia, conquering it, then to Riga, and moved on to the forest of the alfar, lasting for centuries in a grueling guerrilla warfare.

The last leader of the dockalfar, Eikasia, united all the alfar under her banner and faced the dragons, recovering a great part of the Forest. The dragons, under the rule of Venux Bellatrix Orionis, eventually defeated them and left the alfar population at a minimum.

Even with areas under the dragons’ control and paying tribute, no agreement has been reached on who really won this war.

The Second Great War

The War of the Gems

The last of the great wars, although shorter in duration, meant the return of the Arundar to the ways of this land. The High Priestess of Vesfalian, leading a holy war, set out to conquer the whole continent. A group of heroes, led by the mortal daughter of the lunar arundi, collected the fragments of the Gem of Deneb and gathered them together, and then destroyed the twin gem of Nirûr, securing the door of his prison.

During the conflict the Grey Dragons were allowed to return to their higher form at will to aid in the war, but they had already waned and were more stable in their lower form.

The War of Gems

The War of the Suns

It all began with Saiph, the son of Queen Bellatrix, who, encouraged by his advisors, set out to finish conquering and subduing the alfar. Abruptly the Marshals rebelled against the king, making two failed attempts on his life. The third time they managed to dethrone him, but as a consequence those involved were banished… the situation now in Helios is quite unstable, with a provisional council dealing as it can with the big families.

The War of Suns

The Hunt

Today, after the disappearance of the liosalfar princess cursed by Deneb, the alfar kingdoms are at war, trying to find her under the pressure of famine. The kingdoms are gradually falling into ruin, fruit of the frenzied fervour of the alfar, cursed to devour themselves if they do not return her to the goddess.

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There are a lots of different species and races in Tirnanog, but the following are the most relevant (or named) in MoonSlayer:


The Arundar [arunda (m.)/arundi (f.)] are god-like beigns with magnificent powers that arrived to Tirnanog in a boat from the sky. They conquered the land from their previous owners (the utûku) and made it a better place to live in. There are two kinds of Arundar: the royal family and their servants.

The ancient files depicts 23 to 26 Arundar depending on different sources and traditions, with singular powers and masteries. All of them agree that their residence is the hidden island of Arunor.



Descendants of the servants of the Arundar and the utûku, they chose to live in the mortal realm. There are lots of different kinds of nymphs, as they populate all the elements of nature. They are immortal, naïve and often bounded to a place (like a forest). It’s believed that there are only female nymphs, but they can also be male or hermaphrodite.

They have big cat eyes, a skin that can vary from a dull grey to colorful greens and blue hues, and long pointed ears.



The fae were the first created to populate the world. They are immortal tall humanoids whose spirits are manifested with a big insect wings. It’s said that they are the wisest and more magical creatures of this world, and only iron can hurt them. Unfortunately most of the sidhe returned to Arunor and there are only two small realms in Sidhe and Aquila.

The arundi Hatal fell in love with a young sidhe and descended to live among his people, creating the bloodline of the Three Great Sidhe Families.



Created to protect the world, dragons are divided in three races: White (Sun), Grey (Moon) and Black (Dark Moon). In their reptilian form, they are formidable 20-metres-long winged creatures. But after the War, the passing of ages and a lack of space they took the shape of the beings they hated.

The Grey Dragons are the most fierce race. They refused to worship their goddess, serving now to the Sun God Mold (Helios). Their society is highly militarized, they are aggresive and war-hungry.

  • Their kingdom is called Helios.
  • Honor is the most important thing for a grey dragon.
  • They consider other beigns “inferior”.
  • They can take an humanoid “lesser” form.
  • Their main powers are: the wink (teleportation) and regeneration (or fast healing). They can also breathe fire.
  • Their lifespan is about 3000 years.
  • It’s said that they can only be slayed by decapitation or by piercing their heart.
  • Noble warriors have starmetal swords forged with enchantments. Their wounds can not be regenerated.



One of the last species to be created, it’s said that they are descendants of the sidhe. Their lifespan is shorter though, about 300 years. They are divided in three races: the liosalfar (Sun), the dockalfar (Moon) and the svaralfar (Dark Moon).

The liosalfar live in the Great Northern Forest, separated from the dockalfar by a wide river that divides their land. Unlike their cousins, the liosalfar live in cities made of stone; they constructed a huge fortress (The Fort) to defend theirselves from the grey dragons’ attacks.

  • The liosalfar are not in good relationship with their cousins.
  • Grey Dragons are their mortal enemies. That changed in the Third Great War (or War of the Gems), with the paceful reign of the dragon queen Bellatrix. 
  • They are competent wizards, the dockalfar’s Order of the Thorn or the Order of the Oak are the most famous of their schools.


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Called by the sidhe [Cyfánd’r Glâs] Blue Continent, Sidhe is one of the three main continents of Tirnanog. It is situated in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

Sidhe Map

Northern Forest

The Northern Forest is located on the southwest zone of Sidhe. It is part of the Great Forest, which is divided in two parts by the great river Set.


Maebth is one of the alfar kingdoms of the Northern Forest. Those kings, more like earls with their own territories, are under the command of the Great King who rules from the capital, in The Fort.

The liosalfar live in cities made of stone, and they like to build their homes in high peaks bathed by the sun.


Helios, also called Moldeen (Sun’s Home) by the White Dragons, is the kingdom of the Grey Dragons, whose capital is located in the valley that forms the river with the same name between the Solar Mountains and the Encircling Mountains. It is a region with a temperate climate, warm in the summer months. The colours that predominate in its wide plains are green and golden at harvest time, while in the maritime area the atmosphere is more humid because the estuary is marshy.

In the past, Helios extended much more, reaching half a continent, but after the Great War, the dragons were confined in their old bastion between the mountains.

The capital is a large cosmopolitan city, whose oldest buildings are colossal in size, made of black and white stone, and painted red and gold, while the more modern ones are smaller, being adapted little by little to the size of the “inferior” shape of the increasingly depleted dragons.

Some smaller towns are along the river and defending the valley entrance.

Aquila Island [Eryr]

An island of the volcanic archipielago of Avalûn. Here the mythical queen Iris built her Golden City Iric, now in ruins. This island has a subtropical weather, with thick laurisilva forests. The fae introduced the oak from the Sidhe continent.

The island is now gobernated by the sidhe queen Farian, but the north part of it is populated by the native forest nymphs and it remains untouched.

Aquila Island


The capital city of the Sidhe of Aquila. It’s said that the arundi Hatal (Idriel) lived there. The enormous castle surrounded by water, built with magic over the ruins of the Hidden Lake, dominates the view, white as a pearl, with its colossal fingers scratching the skies.



The Golden City, buit by the Queen Iris as a refuge for the draconiats and other exiled creatures. A place of wisdom and wonders, now a place of terrors.

Iric, today -flightview-

Iric, today -flightview-

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