Yesterday it was my b-day. Yay!

I hope you like the next pages. They were a pain in the ass to ink.

This one, for example, is part of a double page. I finally decided to post is splitted because it reads better that way. It was made for a book and not web format, to be honest.

See you next week with the second part of it!

And… sorry!

Sorry for the long absence. Personal stuff + new job got me completely lost and exhausted. Thanks for your understanding.

And, to those folks who only demanded comics instead of reading what happened with me the past months in the blog: Hey, fuck you. Period.


Leave your thoughts · November 5, 2018 12:00 pm


Sorry for posting this late, I changed my main computer and (oh, surprise!) had problems with it the first days. But now somehow is solved. Nice!

Hope you like it!

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First page I tonned with PS CC. I still have problems with Wacom drivers (lots of fun)

I’m opening the preorder for the first MoonSlayer charms!

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I wouldn’t sleep. And you?

Gallery updated!

With new and old cool art. Take a look!

Also, a new illustration of Farian & Alherani! I’m so excited with the new chapter coming soon!

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