March 18, 2019

Finally the day has come.

And now, the rant…

My grandpa passed away now 2 mondays ago. I’ve been delaying working on the comic all this time because I didn’t want to have “that” drawing you were working on “that day” and makes you fell miserable. I believed, when I started updating again, that everything would be ok, but not only it happened when I resumed the updates, but also had me working on this page. At least I had time to say goodbye. And I’m glad I’m back at home and not in the emerald island. I had more time to stay with you, but not all the time I wanted.

I think he just went shopping something for me, some churros or sweet wine and olives, and will come back in a minute. Damn, I’m still so angry.

I loved my grandpa -my “lelo”– so much, I still do. He was a reference for me and I always admired him and his crafts. I still owe him an illustration of him painting my “lela” and drawing a donkey instead. I love you Lelo, and sorry for this crappy message you will not understand.