Ok, so what’s supposed to be happening now? Oh no :/

Hi my dear readers! Since this scene is over and there are only like 10 pages left of this chapter, I’ll start now planning and making the following ones!

Be sure to follow me on Twitch (where I’ll be streaming the making of some pages with a cup of tea or more and we can chat too!), on Instagram and Twitter!

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Aaand we return to these two! 😀 But… Who’s talking to Syrma now? Why nowww??

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Have a spooky Halloween! 😀

I’ve made a special illustration with the main characters 😉

Vote to uncover it!


And enjoy!

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Spare Keys

Visit your local Specialists for help with your uncanny, supernatural and subnatural problems. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable. Not available for speculative seances.

Heracle’s Knot
The perils of adopting 20-somethings and throwing them at monsters.

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Vector always dreamed of traveling. He got kidnapped instead.

Sons of the Forgotten


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This week we have a double update!

This is the first part. Don’t miss the second one! I’ll post it later =)

Also, this part will have a special mini-comic for the printed book. X3

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So… they’re not bracelets. Ok…

The voting for the next incentive results!

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So the winner is Syrma! Followed by Henna, Puck/Storyteller, Menkar and Kurus.

Expect more art of them very soon!

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SF New members!

Give a look to some of the new Spiderforest members! This week the High Fantasy ones are featured!

Tamuran – Adventurers!

Soul’s Journey – Wolf prince!

Halflight – Elves!

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I prefer to draw this kind of monsters. =3

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