Farian, the invincible, grandaughter of Idriel (and sister-in-law of Iris!), dragonslayer, lady of thorns, queen of Eryrod.

Sorry I don’t know that to comment on this page. But it looks cool! Know that? I streamed the whole process (except lettering/balloons) on twitch! Follow me there for more direct videos! If we’re more I’ll put the microphone on and have some talk with tea and cookies (always)! Haha!

Here is the short version YT speedpainting edition!

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Idriel is how the sidhe call the ancient queen of the fae, the arundi Hatal. (The woman who appears in the prologue of vol2) =)

It’s the same portal of the short story “Her Last Will“, that you find on the sidebar with other side stories!

Guest art time!

And now, another Xmas gift I’ve received. This is AWESOME. KEZ is a great artist and the way she used the color here is fantastic! And Kurus! He looks so majestic! Now I regret to have made this comic in greys 😛

Fanart of Syrma and Kurus by KEZ of What it Takes!

See you next week!

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😀 New page! I used the Webcomics Tarot illustration of Iris! 😀

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